A BlueTooth Daughter Board for TNC-X!

Instructions for Pairing Your X-BT and Configuring APRSDroid for TNC-X

The X-BT2 Daughter Board
TNC-X with the X-BT2 Installed
APRSDroid Terminal ScreenShot
APRSDroid Map ScreenShot

X-BT2 is a plug in daughter board for TNC-X that allows you to connect your BlueTooth-enabled phone or PC to TNC-X wirelessly. The BlueTooth TNC-X will show up on your phone or computer as a standard serial port. You can carry your phone around the house with you and monitor APRS activity! X-BT plugs into the expansion header contained on every TNC-X.

A note on range: A lot of people ask whether the fact that TNC-X is in a metal enclosure effects the X-BT2's range. Of course there is some shielding from the TNC-X box. I find that when the top of the box is on the X-BT2's range still covers anywhere in my office and the associated hallway. It this is insufficent, you can remove the TNC-X top. When I do this range improves to almost all of my house.

One other note:  I have found that the first time I push the send position button on the APRSDroid software, it often takes several minutes to send.  After the first time, it responds promptly. 

APRSDroid (c) is an APRS program for the Android platform developed by Georg Lukas. It is available at aprsdroid.org. More extensive screenshots are available on the aprsdroid website.