An APRS Tracker Daughter Board for the TNC-X

The X-Track Daughter Board (Connector on Bottom)
TNC-X with the X-Track Installed

X-Track is a TNC-X Daughter Board that will allow you to connect an external GPS receiver directly to your TNC-X to transmit MIC-E encoded packets containing your position and beacon information. The primary purpose of the X-Track board is to allow your TNC-X to be used as a stand-alone tracker. If you have a computer connected to your TNC-X, you probably do not need an X-Track board since you can connect your GPS to the computer and allow the computer's APRS tracking software to configure the packets to be sent to the TNC-X.

X-Track can be configured using any standard terminal program on any computer that has a serial port.

X-Track is a trivially simple kit to build. This is not a "one evening kit." It's more like a half hour kit. There are only nine parts plus the printed circuit board. There's only one IC, and it is socketed. X-Track plugs right into the expansion header on the TNC-X. X-Track fits entirely within the custom TNC-X box.

Download the X-Track Manual

X-Track is available for only $17 plus shipping and handling. For mail orders contact John Hansen, W2FS. Or order below.

X-Track Tracker Board - $17