A Digipeater Daughter Board for the TNC-X

The X-Digi Daughter Board (Connector on Bottom)
TNC-X with the X-Digi Installed

X-Digi is a TNC-X Daughter Board that will turn your TNC-X into a Digipeater. The X-Digi firmware is based on the popular UIDigi firmware and fully supports the new WIDEN-n paradigm. It supports UITrace, UIFlood and UICall parameters. It supports dupe checking (based on the source, destination, and payload of each packet) at a user-settable timeout interval. It has provision for 4 different text beacons, each with it's own path. It allows you to specify a maximum value for UITrace and UIFlood parameters to, for example, prevent users from specifying a WIDE7-7 path. You can read the full details of the X-Digi's capabilities in the user manual.

X-Digi can be configured using any standard terminal program on any computer that has a serial port. Even an older Palm Pilot running SimpleTerm can be used to reconfigure the device in the field.

You can also reconfigure XDigi over the air. You specify a password in the initial configuration and then, when requested to go into remote sysop mode, XDigi sends a string of characters over the air. You respond with another string of characters that is based on the string that XDigi has sent and your previously specified password. If the correct string is sent, XDigi will allow you to reconfigure it. The program needed to calculate your response to XDigi is available here.

X-Digi is a trivially simple kit to build. This is not a "one evening kit." It's more like a half hour kit. There are only six parts plus the printed circuit board. There's only one IC, and it is socketed. X-Digi plugs right into the expansion header on the TNC-X and fits entirely within the standard TNC-X box. 

X-Digi is currently not recommended for use with WinLink.